In our quest to provide the very best business services, HCC has moved all of its projects to its new promotion division Bad Cat Promotions, along with a new updated business model that will boost business start-ups, film makers, game developers, authors, product inventors, event coordinators, and entrepreneurs.

Visit for more information about what Bad Cat can create for your business idea, community event or creative project.

Bad Cat Promotions releases the Logo for the upcoming “Post Horror” Project that will break the mold on how a multimedia production can be presented and developed.

This fascinating idea is the brainchild of W.J. Hall and will include people from all walks of life that will participate in way not yet done in the entertainment industry.

More news about Post Horror will be coming soon!

Stay tuned to the Bad Cat Promotions Facebook Page for updates!

The Buddhist Monk Movie (TBM) makes its debut on September the 13th in Ottawa at the classic ByTowne Cinema!

HCC will launch the TBM in a theatre for the very first time anywhere and we hope that many will join in with the experience.

This is a great example of what BCP can do for your project. 

TBM was filmed and produced in India and was unable to find a Promoter or a Distributor.

HCC and Bad Cat Promotions (BCP) took on the project and using the material they had, developed the graphics, filed the film on IMDb, set up sales of the DVD, CD (Music), and online streaming portals, created the website/social media pages, and the overall promotion plan which included entering Film Festivals; and as a result TBM won a few Awards and that enabled us to get the film into a commercial size theatre.

This particular project was a challenge from the beginning as all the communications took place between India, Norway and here in Kingston, Ontario.

In essence, BCP gave this “dead” project a fighting chance to be seen and heard and with over 7000 followers and some online and DVD sales the Buddhist Monk has been seen by many thousands of people around the world.

As of this date, we still have other Film Festivals we hope to be accepted into!

Find out how we can make your hard work come alive!

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